Bahen & Co - Honey Macadamia Milk
Honey Macadamia Milk
Bahen & Co Chocolate - Orange & Hazelnut
Orange & Hazelnut
Pafritas - ‘L’Espelette’ Unsmoked Paprika Chips
‘L’Espelette’ Unsmoked Paprika Chips
Pafritas - ‘La Riojana’ Smoked Paprika Chips
‘La Riojana’ Smoked Paprika Chips
Proper Crisps - Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt
Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt
Old Bones Chilli Co - Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce
Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce
Dangermates - 'Almost Death' Hot Sauce
'Almost Death' Hot Sauce
Fluffe - Watermelon
Fluffe - Unicorn Poop
Unicorn Poop
Fluffe - Champagne
Fluffe - Boys Tears
Boys Tears
Fluffe - Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Bahen & Co Chocolate - Persian Wild Figs
Persian Wild Figs
Bahen & Co Chocolate - Vanilla & Almond Nougat
Vanilla & Almond Nougat
Bahen & Co Chocolate - Confit Orange Peel
Confit Orange Peel
Bear Food - Organic Bread + Butter Pickles
Organic Bread + Butter Pickles
Bear Food - Organic Pickled Jalapenos
Organic Pickled Jalapenos
Fancy Hank's - Chicken Salt
Chicken Salt
Apostle Hot Sauce - Saint Matthew Chocolate & Manuka Chipotle
Saint Matthew Chocolate & Manuka Chipotle
Agri - Fermented Red Chilli Paste
Fermented Red Chilli Paste
Agri - Fermented Green Sriracha
Fermented Green Sriracha
Wondaree - Honey Macadamias
Honey Macadamias
Wondaree - Chocolate Macadamias
Chocolate Macadamias
Heist - Cereal Milk Chocolate
Cereal Milk Chocolate

What’s a drink without a snack? You’d have to be kidding yourself if you thought you were going t...Read More...

What’s a drink without a snack? You’d have to be kidding yourself if you thought you were going to cruise through that pet nat without a handful of crisps. Never fear, WINONA’s snack selection is here! There’s plenty of old favourites – chips, tinned fish, chocolate and pickles, but we really like to push ourselves to the limit when it comes to sourcing interesting things for you to pop in your mouth. Chips, but not just chips – we see you Bret’s Camembert, Torres Truffle, Proper Cider Vinegar, Pafritas Paprika, Quillo Fried Egg… Chocolate, but not just chocolate – Heist from Wales, Ocelot from Scotland, Casa Bosques from New York, Shirl + Moss from New Zealand, Bahen + Co from Western Australia, Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé from Hungary… Ethical, organic, bean-to-bar treats that have been handmade carefully and thoughtfully. Also, olives that’ll sit politely in a martini or on a wedge of sourdough, garnishes for cocktails (hello Mary Valley), Rising Sun Workshop’s home ramen kits, hot sauce hot sauce HOT SAUCE! Condiments in general really, they’re everywhere! We’re particularly enamoured by the local makers, Old Bones and Ziggy’s Wild Foods. But it isn’t just things already prepared, if you’re looking for ways to liven up your cooking routine, look no further! Beautiful olive oils, obscure vinegars, rare and vibrant soys, well sourced spices... you can purchase your wine and then the accoutrements for its palate. What a one stop joint! If you can eat it or lick it, we’ve tried to cover it, let’s just say. Ha! Happy foraging.

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