Yulli's Brews - Amanda Mandarin IPA 4PACK

Amanda Mandarin IPA 4PACK

Alexandria, NSW

"This American style IPA is layered with a range of mandarin flavour from a carefully selected hop bill and a healthy serving of cold pressed mandarins blended with orange peel liqueur. The result is a super drinkable, fruit drivien IPA with an assertive mandarin peel bitterness and a dry mouthfeel. The perfect Winter IPA making use of our favourite seasonal citrus fruit.

Manda's day starts at 11, with a long black and a dart The herald and the crossword, can also play their part The afternoon and evening, are when she plies her trade She writes, she jams, she teaches; but she lives for the stage With her dad's guitar and a mic, she is at her ease Amanda breathes performance, her artistic release She finishes her set and she folds into her beer Then with a neat shot of tequila – she chews an old mate’s ear" – Yulli's