White Possum - Naked Dark Cacao

Naked Dark Cacao

Melbourne, VIC

"Naked Dark Cacao is a bittersweet concoction of organic fermented cacao, a selection of earthy roots and a good measure of tangy yet floral lilly pillies. Made right here in our distillery, we designed Naked Dark Cacao to be sipped neat as a digestif, ideally next to a roaring fireplace and accompanied by a couple of squares of dark couverture chocolate. To make it, we source and macerate cacao grown by one of our geographical neighbours, the Philippines. Pre-fermented to bring out all that chocolatey goodness, we then leave the maceration for a month while giving it a gentle stir at regular intervals until the aroma becomes unbearably enticing. To this we add several infusions of bitter roots for a lingering bitterness and a handful of native lilly pillies (riberries) to lend a floral note. Finally, we add a decent lick of dark sugar to bind everything together with a velvety texture.

On the nose you'll detect generous wafts of dark chocolate interlaced with floral notes and hints of raisins and golden syrup. On the palate you'll be greeted with an explosion of flavour - a sweet and rapidly rising wave of cacao that starts to bring in traces of earthy roots and that distinctive lilly pilly floral note. The flavours remain for a couple of seconds before falling away quickly into a sustained finish. The finish is predominantly bitter with a slight hint of mint, coating the tongue with a velvety texture and providing a lingering aftertaste that hangs around for a remarkably long time." – White Possom