Uzenshiraume  - Junmai Umeyusui Umeshu

Junmai Umeyusui Umeshu

Yamagata, Japan

Uzenshiraume is one of the oldest breweries in Japan (established in 1596). The brewery's motto is simple: 'Sake that can be integrated into daily life'. They place special emphasis on the initial treatment of the raw materials; especially the steaming of the rice.

This Junmai plum wine is made by soaking Japanese plums and sugar into pure rice sake for about 2 years. Beautiful aromas of fruity plum and soft sake carry you to Yamagata, where the winter is severe and the best way to keep warm is to sip this umeshu gently and slowly. The palate is laced with delicate and soft ume and sweet Junmaishu flavours, with a sweet bitter aftertaste (reminiscent of Campari). It's delicious at all temperatures – cold, room and warm. Your new favourite aperitif.