Toschi - Sour Amarena Cherries in Syrup 250g

Sour Amarena Cherries in Syrup 250g

These juicy Amarena cherries are one of the products Toschi is famed for. The Amarena is a Summer variety with a sour and refreshing taste that grows in the Vignola area of Italy. Toschi’s black Amarena cherries are direct from the mountians and are prepared the traditional way – carefully selected, stoned and sweetened – just as they were 60 years ago. Consider these an upgrade from maraschinos. Perfect for cocktails, desserts, cakes, ice cream and heaps more. Once the cherries are finished, use the wild cherry syrup for thirst-quenching long drinks with soda water, ice blocks, milkshakes, smoothies...mmmmm. They come in a reuseable glass jar, too!