Tio Pesca - Arroqueno Mezcal

Just 72 bottles made? Yep. This is rare as hen's teeth. Tio Pesca Arroqueno is an ancestral mezcal made by hand from wild agave Arroqueno in the remote town of Sola de Vega, Oaxaca. All of the Tio Pesca mezcals are classified as Ancestral. This precious potion is made by maestro mezcalero Fernando Mitra. The agave are cooked in an underground pit oven, crushed by hand with mallets, fermented in Sabina wood vats, and double distilled in clay pots. Bottled in a paper-encased bottle with a sneaky glass window and hidden illustration. Hand numbered '28/72'.

Type Tequila || Origin Oaxaca, Mexico || ABV 47% || Vol 750ml