Taylor and Smith - Baby Gin

Baby Gin

Hobart, TAS

Taylor & Smith – not to be confused with Taylor Swift – is a little artisan distillery in Hobart owned and run by Natalie and Ben, who experiment with local Tasmanian botanicals to distil the spirit of place. Their small-batch gin is handmade using Huon Valley apples (for the eau de vie) and 17 botanicals, including sweet-scented Kunzea, hand-harvested Kombu, Tasmanian Pepperberries, Leatherwood Honey, Juniper, Coriander, Orris, Angelica, Strawberry Gum and three types of citrus: lemon, Valenica Orange and Blood Orange. They grow things themselves, and otherwise secure botanicals from other small businesses in Tasmania who grow and forage for plants and berries themselves. The water comes from a lake of snowmelt at Mount Field National Park that feeds directly into their distillery. They're not certified organic, but they are close! Uber pure, full bodied & flavoursome.