Tamazakura - Yuyu Kankan Junmai Sake in Cup

Yuyu Kankan Junmai Sake in Cup

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Shimane, Japan

Located in the mountains of Shimane, Tamazakura is a tiny brewery run by two brothers. For a very long time this sake was only consumed by locals. Australia is the first country outside of Japan to be selling Tamazakura's sake.

Tamazakura's special release pure rice 'Yuyu Kankan' sake in a cup is crafted with Gohyakumangoku grown in Onan-cho. When you open the lid, you'll notice the colour is like bancha (green tea) – this is because the sake is aged and unfiltered. During the aging process, it accumulates flavor and colour. This Junmaishu shatters the conventional connotations of cup sake – it is far from ordinary, with a subtle yet compelling taste that unfurls into richness as you continue to sip. Enjoy at room temperature or warmed. It has the versatility of warm rice, so try it with a myriad of meals!

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