Suiryu - 'Yamato no Dobu' Junmai Nigori Sake

'Yamato no Dobu' Junmai Nigori Sake

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Nara, Japan

In the mountainous town of Nara, Suiryu (est 1702) is renowned for making one of the best Kimoto sakes in Japan. Full stop. Mr. Kato Katsunori is one of Japan's top tojis and a master of the ancient, painstaking technique — whereby wild sake yeasts & natural lactic acid are manually cultivated for the starter mash. Kimoto consumes about twice as much time and effort as common fermentation methods and is thus very rare.

Suiryu’s 'Yamato no Dobu' oscillates beautifully between creaminess, umami, faint acidity and soft bitterness. Total harmony. In the mouth it's cashmere. Its opaque appearance suggests weight, but it's deceptively cloud-like and buoyant. It can be enjoyed at any temperature, with or without food. Store in a dark place, or wrap in a non-transparent material, to prevent damage from light. Give it a gentle shake before drinking. Once opened, it'll keep for 3 months, or more.

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