Suiryu - 'Yamato no Dobu' Junmai Nigori Sake

'Yamato no Dobu' Junmai Nigori Sake

Nara, Japan

In the mountainous town of Nara, Suiryu brewery has been operating for over 3 centuries (since 1702)! Today, Suiryu is renowned for making one of the best Kimoto sakes in Japan. Mr. Kato Katsunori is one of Japan's top sake brewers, and a master of the traditional Kimoto method, which refers to the technique in which the sake starter is made. The Kimoto method produces naturally occurring wild sake yeasts as well as natural lactic acid, which works as an organic anti-bacterial, thus creating a pristine environment for a healthy and strong culture to develop.

Dobu derives its name from 'Dobu-roku,' the traditional Japanese home brew. Like dobu-roku, Dobu is also a Nigori – cloudy sake – but that’s where the similarity ends. Suiryu’s 'Yamato no Dobu' oscillates beautifully between creaminess, umami, faint acidity and soft bitterness. Total harmony. In the mouth it's like cashmere. Its porridge-like appearance may suggest weight, but it is deceptively light and smooth. It can be enjoyed at any temperature, with or without food. 


Store it in a dark place, or wrap in a non-transparent material, to prevent any damage from light. Give it a gentle shake before drinking. Once opened, it will keep for 3 months, or more.