Shirl and Moss - Fig and Nib

Fig and Nib

You will fall in love with the balance of smooth, crunchy, sweet, and bitter of this bar. Promise. Fig pieces have been carefully dried and woven through dark chocolate by hand, with a sprinkle of crunchy roasted cacao nibs added on the back. The Trinitario organic cacao inside this bar is from the Fazenda Camboa cacao farm in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Lightly roasted to capture the grape and honey flavours, the cacao is then granite stone ground for 72 hours, whilst maintained at cooler temperatures to preserve its flavour. It's 100% organic, vegan and dairy-free, crafted with organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic dried fig pieces, organic cacao butter. That's it! All natural and insanely delicious. 80g.

The Shirl and Moss team hand sort, roast, crack, winnow and stone grind for up to 80 hours before ageing the chocolate. They then temper, mold and hand-wrap each bar in their little factory in Wellington, New Zealand.