Shinkame - Junmai Sake in Cup

Junmai Sake in Cup

Saitama, Japan

In 1987, Shinkame was the first brewery in Japan to change all of their sakes to pure rice sake (junmai-shu). During the war, due to rice shortages, all breweries began making sake with artificial alcohol (many of which still operate this way to cut labour and costs), but after the war Mr Ogawahara (Shinkame owner) pioneered Junmai sake and has supported many brewers following in his footsteps. This was the beginning of the Junmai movement in Japan.

This little Shinkame cup of joy is crafted from gohyakumangoku rice polished to 60%. It has a rich malt flavour that's wonderfully mellow and mature. Heat it up to 50˚C and it becomes even richer, with a warming aftertaste.