Remnant Whisky Co - 'Fly By Night' Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky

'Fly By Night' Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky

Hobart, TAS

First-fill Bourbon and Australian Apera casks bring aromas of mocha, blood orange and fresh ripe peach with a hint of toasted marshmallow. On the palate, decadent flavours of dark chocolate orange, meringue and salted caramel evolve into an elegant finish of almond croissant and vanilla custard. Toffee and marmalade on the finish. This is a must for the whisky collection.

Remnant Whisky Co is an independent bottling company born out of a dark moment in the Tasmanian whisky industry's history, when Belgrove's Peter Bignell acquired a number of barrels from a failed investment scheme from a notorious whisky company (no names!) and vatted them into this single malt release. Peter brought life to the remnants of this exceptional whisky that almost never saw the light of day.