Ota Shuzo - Dokan Umeshu

Dokan Umeshu

Shiga, Japan

Ota Shuzo was created by the ancestors of the 15th century Samurai warrior-poet and military tactician Sukenaga Ota (1432-1486). Fun fact. Anyway, Ota's toothsome Dokan umeshu was made by infusing one year-old sake with ao-ume [green ume] and korizato [‘ice sugar’ / rock sugar] for about 6 months before being aged in bottle until release, giving this umeshu a depth of flavour often not seen in others.  Most of the ume used are the Nankobai variety sourced from Wakayama Prefecture, along with some Fukui ume from Fukui Prefecture.  Both of these prefectures are famous for their ume varieties, with Nankobai and Fukui ume being the most sought after for making beautiful umeshu.

The Ota Umeshu is completely additive free; with no additional colour, aromas, flavours or acids added, and relies purely on great ingredients and exceptional technique. Tart ume flavours are balanced by moderate sweetness and enhanced by beautiful sweet marzipan and stewed fruit aromas. Enjoy chilled, on the rocks, with soda or in a cocktail. Yes!

Type Umeshu || Region Shiga, Japan || ABV 13.5% || Vol 720ml