Okabayashi Farm - Kochi Yuzu Syrup

Kochi Yuzu Syrup

Non alcoholic
Kochi, Japan

In Takaoka County, Kochi Prefecture, Okabayashi cultivates yuzu on the steep slopes of narrow mountain valleys. Yuzu has less acidity than a lemon, a sweet bitterness coupled with a phenomenal fragrance that softly expands throughout your mouth like no other citrus. In Japanese cuisine, yuzu has been lovingly used for over 1400 years. To create their heavenly yuzu syrup, Okabayashi squeezes the peel with the juice to maximize the intensity of the fragrance. Healthy beet sugar is then added to balance out the citrus tang. Such a versatile thing – use in cocktails, cordials, with gin, with shochu, in cooking ... whatever you please. 100% made in Japan. EXTRA STRONG – A little goes a long way!