OIMU - Natural Incense Sticks, Citrus Peel

Natural Incense Sticks, Citrus Peel

OIMU is a Seoul-based design studio, whose projects reinterpret forgotten cultural values and traditions. 

OIMU Incense sticks are handmade from wood flour, elm-barks, corn starches, pine resin and fragrance oil. Through a  labour-intensive process harnessing traditional Korean techniques, skilled craftsman knead the raw natural materials and extract the dough elaborately by hand before air drying it in the wind over several months. 

'Citrus Peel' is a nostalgic smelling incense with an ultra refreshing fragrance of citrus fruit peel. Each box contains about 160 sticks, packaged in a beautiful hot-stamped gold-foiled box. Burn time: approx 15 minutes each.