Michel Couvreur - Overaged (12-24 yrs Pedro Ximenez cask)

Overaged (12-24 yrs Pedro Ximenez cask)

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Burgundy, France

This is a vatting of single malts aged between 12 and 27 years in oak casks and resulting from a cognac (double) distillation method with malt mash. Flashing amber, full of dried florals and cigar smoke, salty sherry and roasted almonds. A slight smokey haze over it all. Michel Couvreur, originally from Belgium, ages Scotch whisky in the heart of Burgundy (Bouze-Les-Beaune). A wine merchant for many years, then intrigued by the prospect of bucolic life in Scotland, there he became involved in the production process of whisky made from a selection of the most ancient strains of cereals and using extremely rare sherry casks. Realising the merits of sherry cask ageing in whisky, back in France he dug his own cellar in the hillsides of Bouze-les-Beaune, about midway between the Andalusian vineyards and the Scottish Highlands. This is it folks, this is a whisky you simply have to try in your life. 

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