Los Azulejos - Tequila Anejo Blue & White

This tequila is a work of art, literally. Hand-painted by Mexican artisans in Puebla – home of Talavera Pottery, the oldest ceramic art form in America – the beautiful ceramic bottle gives a little insight into the craftsmanship dwelling inside. The tequila is crafted in Jalisco from 100% agave distilled in stainless steel (imparting a brighter taste than some using copper stills) and matured for 18 months in premium oak. Golden yellow hue. Oaky, briney aromas leads into peppers and pineapple, chocolate, herbs, orange and vanilla. The aftertaste lingers in a long embrace. Aperitif, digestif; it's all on the table.

*Each bottle is handpainted and unique. It may not look exactly the same as the image.

Type Tequila || Region Jalisco, Mexico || ABV 40% || Vol 750ml