LOSADA - Gordal Green Olives

Gordal Green Olives

For over 50 years, Aceitunas Losada has grown and produced table olives in Carmona, Spain, near Seville. The family-owned company controls the entire process from hand-harvest in their groves to curing. The current generation owners are siblings Luis and Maria Losada, who are dedicated to resurrecting forgotten olive varieties and returning to traditional natural curing methods.

Otherwise known as 'queen olives', Gordal means 'the fat one' due to its round shape and large size. It's the perfect all-rounder olive, with a delicate flavour and a firm, meaty texture. Losada uses a neutral brine which results in a balanced salt to bitterness ratio, so that you can really taste the olive's flesh. Enjoy these fatties on their own or stuffed. Perfect for a cocktail, too! 198g