Levi Serafino Grappa - Camomilla


Piedmont, Italy

This exceptional grappa is from an old recipe discovered in the diary of the late Romano Levi's sister, Lidia. It's a blend of Romano Levi grappa aged in wood for more than four years and infused with natural chamomile flowers. It is indescribable – we're not even going to try.

Romano Levi was born into a traditional Italian grappa producing family in 1928. His parents Serafino and Teresina began distilling in 1925 at their home in the commune of Neive. From a very early age he began working alongside his father in the small distillery. By the age of 17, Romano and his sister Lidia had inherited the running of the family business after their parents passed away. Using the same distilling equipment, and the same hand-crafted process, Romano’s grappa would go on to be regarded as some of the highest quality ever produced. Released in extremely small batches, each bottle features a unique hand drawn label. Romano sadly passed away in 2008 and the family business continued in the hands of Lidia before her passing in 2011. Today the distillery is owned by Luigi Schiappapietra, a close friend of the late Romano Levi.