Komagura - Tokubetsu-Junmai 'Munoyaku Yamadanishiki' Sake 720ml

Tokubetsu-Junmai 'Munoyaku Yamadanishiki' Sake 720ml

Fukuoka, Japan

In Fukuoka, Morinokura strives to create saké that is good for the body and also good for local environment. The motto of Komagura is 'yukkuri, jikkuri', which is very hard to translate but roughly means 'slowly, gently, carefully'. The owner, Mr. Kazuhiro Morinaga, is the fifth generation, and the toji or master saké maker is fourth generation. Morinokura only produces junmai sake, brewed using rice grown locally by farmers with the clear, soft water that flows from the Tsukugo River.

Komagura's flagship sake is a special potion made with rice from 4 local organic sake rice farmers. Organic Yamadanishiki rice polished to 60% gives a soft gentle aroma, with the rich umami of rice and a lovely freshness. Aged for 4 years at at 15˚C without oxygen. Enjoy with any food that takes your fancy, at any temp that takes your fancy! This sake doesn't need to be refrigerated, even after opening.

Type Sake || Region Fukuoka, Japan || ABV 15% || Vol 720ml