Kings County Distillery - Bourbon


New York City, USA

A non Kentucky Bourbon of this standard? Get out! The mash bill includes 80% New York organic corn (from the Finger Lakes) and English Golden Promise barley, unusual, making this more of a Scotch like Bourbon. Aged in charred oak barrels for three to six years. Roasted malt takes the lead on the nose, roasted walnuts, candy corn and stewed plums. Autumn spices and caramel swirl, finishing almost like Armagnac with that fruit cake note. Smooth. Based in Brooklyn. NYC, Kings County began in 2010 as the smallest commercial distillery in the country, with five 24-litre stills making Whiskey seven days a week, 16 hours a day. Why so tireless? Well, they were convinced that there was something lost after Prohibition, and they wanted to bring back the personality and pride in American whisky distilling. Quality over everything else here.