Hibi - 10 Minutes Aroma Incense 007 Yuzu (Large Box)

10 Minutes Aroma Incense 007 Yuzu (Large Box)

Crafted in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, Hibi brings together the incredible incense of Awaji Island – known for its 'incense Masters' – with the craft of matchmaking in Harima. These two traditional industries of Hyogo Prefecture first encountered each other in 2011; a collaboration that started with the idea of an incense that could be lit like striking a match. After 3 years of trial and error, Hibi was born.

This clever self-lighting incense smells so, so, so good. It has a lively, warm citrus aroma imparting notes of sweet mandarin balanced by crisp, dry grapefruit. Light it to clear the mind and relax the body all year round.

Simply strike the match-shaped incense on the side of the box, and let it burn on the reusable burning pad provided. Each box includes 30 incense sticks.