Fortaleza - Anejo Tequila

Anejo Tequila

Jalisco, Mexico

For this this highly-praised and perfectly-aged añejo, aromas of caramel, vanilla, butterscotch and cooked agave fill your nose, with  whispers of pineapple, peach, orange blossom, nutmeg, and raisin. SO COMPLEX! In the mouth it's all butterscotch, caramel, toffee, citrus, and hazelnuts. Thick, oily texture that coats your mouth like rolls of liquid silk. A true aficionado’s tequila. Salúd!

Destileria La Fortaleza craft artisanal tequila in the same way their great-great-grandfather, Don Cenobio, made it over 100 years ago – with a small brick oven to cook the agave, a tahona to squeeze the juices out of the agave, wood tanks for fermentation, and the 2 original copper pots for distillation. This very special blanco tequila is 100% stone crushed, double-distilled agave fermented in open-air wood tanks. Water is from a natural spring in Tequila Valley. The bottles are hand-blown in Mexico.