DUMANGIN - Batch 008 Glenrothes (Scotland) 2007 Single Malt Whisky

Batch 008 Glenrothes (Scotland) 2007 Single Malt Whisky

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Scotland, France

Special special SPECIAL! This whisky was distilled at Glenrothes, one of the world’s finest whisky producers, in May 2007 before being bottled in August 2020 by Dumangin. After leaving their original stills and casks, these whiskies arrive in Champagne to complete their aging in the Estate barrels of Ratafias Champenois located in Chigny-les-Roses. The richness of the ratafia coupled with the classic expression from Glenrothes marries in a wild embrace of dark fruits, vanilla slice and citrus peel.

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