Crack Fox - Fermented Habanero, Bush Citrus + Ginger

Fermented Habanero, Bush Citrus + Ginger

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The O.G Crack Fox recipe has been 7 years in the making. It's a cuisine-androgynous bright orange flavourbomb that will take your tastebuds to citrusville riding on tangy pops of habanero gingery hum. Crafted with habaneros on a 14 day ferment blended with a selection of drip-down-yer-chin juicy citrus and punchy ginger. Sweetened with local raw wildflower honey. 3 out of 5 heat. All natural, made from responsibly sourced habaneros, mixed chillies, vinegar, mixed citrus, onion, tomatoes, filtered water, ginger, garlic, raw honey, Himalayan salt, spices. 150ml. 

The Crack Fox dream has been to create a spicy preserve range that captures the freshness of REAL FOOD and celebrates seasonal abundance. Crack Fox is dedicated to bringing you not just any old hot sauce but a planet-lovin', refined sugar-free, all natural flavour-bomb tastebud party made from damn good produce grown by local legend farmers using sustainable, land regenerative practices. Handcrafted with love in Byron Bay. Boom. 


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