Domaine Johanna Cecillon - 2018 Cidre Divona

2018 Cidre Divona

Brittany, France

Domaine Johanna Cécillon covers 11 hectares in the municipalities of Sévignac and Trédias north of Brittany. Joanna and Louis craft off-the-chart ciders with respect to the land, and to ancesteral traditions. Their '18 Divona is 100% apples from an orchard at the bottom of a deep and loamy valley floor, surrounded by forest and a stream. The apple trees have no added pesticides or insecticides. Each apple was harvested by hand and then wild fermented in oak barrels. No added sulphur, non-carbonated and non-pasteurised. 

Light golden in colour, this is a dry, fruit-nosed cider with dainty bubbles and whispers of caramel and vanilla. Enjoy as an aperitif at 8 degrees!

Origin Brittany, France || ABV 6.5% || Vol 750ml