Cascahuin - Tequila Anejo

Tequila Anejo


Anejo tequilas are a really great move into the tequila zone if you’ve spent your whole life drinking whisky and are looking for something a little different. The parallels between the fullness and richness from barrel ageing and the complexity derived from ageing, make the two good bedfellows. However, in Anejo tequilas, you can’t help but see that unmistakable grassiness, the menthol, the beauty of the agave. This one in particular took 16 years from the growing in the field to its maturation in the barrel. It is rounded, full of coffee, vanilla, fresh cut grass, meadowsweet and anise. Tequila Cascahuín has been produced since 1904, distinguishing itself for never faltering to select the best cultivated agaves in the Tequila valley area. Each time the tequila is distilled slightly differently, paying respects to the growing season of the agave, which can take up to ten years to be ready for harvest.