Casa Bosques - Pure Dark Chocolate

Pure Dark Chocolate

Conceived as a personal project by New York's Savvy Studio, Casa Bosques' organic handcrafted chocolate builds on the foundations of a single origin, bean-to-bar practice in an experimental exploration of the history, methods, origins and culture of chocolate. Searching for rare and unique cacao beans from specialty organic producers across Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and other countries of South America, Casa Bosques captures authentic stories of provenance and creates new flavour harmonies incorporating herbs and spices, grains, seeds, medicinal plants and insects. Every bite takes you on a mouth-boggling journey of tradition and innovation. Only available in a few select stores in America, London, Tokyo, Mexico and Luxembourg. And now, Sydney :)

Their pure dark chocolate is a sensual bar crafted with just two ingredients: organic cacao and organic coconut sugar. Purity and refinement at its very finest. 60g. Comes with a poem, too:

Lovers of the dark,
A break of taste,
Flavorful taste,
Present in its state,
Time in its simplest form,
Formula at its purest.