Artemi Vermouth - Ambre

Jean-Paul has a minimal intervention philosophy in the winery and vineyard, wild fermenting grapes he's grown himself or sourced from susatinable vineyards. Most of the herbs and fruit for his vermouth come from his own backyard (or friends' backyards), which are all grown spray-free. His dry white vermouth crafted with 36 different spices, herbs and fruits including Quince, Lemon Myrtle, Orris, Bay leaf, Lemon peel, Olive leaf and Wormwood. Aged in a French barrique, bottled without fining or filtering. A complex, delicate and balanced vermouth shadowed by a dainty bitterness. Delicious over ice with a slice of orange or made into your favourite Negroni or Martini.

Type Vermouth || Region VIC || ABV 18% || Vol 500ml