Argala - Genepi Gin

Genepi Gin


"Our Gin tells this embrace between two long-established traditions: Gin, the international one and Genepy, the local one. It is an Alpine interpretation of a historic drink, with roots so far from our mountains. The Genepy extraction is made through a particular technique, called “suspension”: in this case the small Genepy flowers are not immersed in a hydroalcoholic solution, but are placed on special racks that are suspended above the solution itself. Everything takes place in airtight containers so that, while evaporating, the alcohol only extracts the aromatic elements, leaving out the bitter components and the colouring: the result is colourless, similar to a distillate. This process, which takes six months to be completed, could be defined as a slow “cold distillation”. When all the components have been blended, begins the aging in tanks followed by the bottling. The lack of filtering ensures the homogeneity and unicity of our Genepy Gin. Very perfumed and fresh as a classic Gin Tonic, our gin is suitable for every kind of cocktail experiment. It is great when drunk plain or with ice, as a digestive drink." – Argala