Aeijst Gin

Aeijst (pronounced 'aced') is a phenomenal gin crafted in southern Styria. It's named after a local dialect word for 'branches' on which the botanicals grow. Difficult to read, easy to drink. Crafted with 100% organic ingredients, it's intensely pure. Aeijst is also a family operation – while Grandma Thomann peels cardamom seeds and Markus rubs lemons, Wolfgang carefully crushes junipers. Other botanicals include lavender, mugwort, corrianger seed, lemongrass and orange zest. The water used is from a hidden spring in Georg Pock, Suggaritzwald.

'It's hard for me to overstate how much I love this gin. The harmony between the botanicals and the spirit is breathtaking and the flavours saturate the palate in the most alluring and wonderful way. It's a masterstroke in harmony and quality. The quality of the raw materials here is simply undeniable and the talent of the distiller evident from the very first taste. For me, this gin is very, very good when served directly from the freezer with no garnish whatsoever. The low temperature gives the aromas and flavours real focus and concentration. Don't event think about a garnish – just to fully appreciate its complexity and concentration. This is sublime' – Campbell Burton, importer.

Type Gin || Region Styria, Austria || ABV 43.5% || Vol 500ml