Heiwa Shuzo - Nigori Umeshu

Nigori Umeshu

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Wakayama, Japan

This Nigori Umeshu is crafted with Nankō Ume fruit from Wakayama, with the pulp from the macerated fruit added for extra texture. Beautiful aroma of Ume, a sweet yet tart palate, full body and refreshing acidic finish. All natural – sake infused with ume fruit, ume paste, alcohol and sugar. Great chilled on its own, or in a cocktail like a Spritz. Too tasty. AND it has a fluffy label. 

Heiwa Shuzō was established in 1928 in Wakayama prefecture. Their goal is to create products that reflect the landscape, climate and raw materials of their region. Working directly with Ume farmers allows Heiwa Shuzō to secure some of the finest fruit in the country.

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