Tokinoka - White Oak Distillery

White Oak Distillery

Akashi, Japan

This is one of the whiskies from White Oak that uses a blend of several malts from it’s more widely known Akashi bottlings. The name translates to “fragrance of time”, referring to the fact that the distillery only operates the still for one month the entire year. You have to be patient. Macadamia, green apple, cornflakes and acacia honey. Elegant and refined. Sometimes when we look at Japanese whisky, it’s hard not to just get swept up in the seemingly never ending portfolio from Suntory or Nikka. However, there are other distilleries, of equal quality and prowess. Enter, White Oak. Built in 1888 for the production of sake and shochu, The White Oak distillery was one of the first to obtain a license for distilling whisky in 1919. Then the site was modified in 1984 to start producing whisky in bigger quantities.