Michel Couvreur - Single Malt Whisky Clearach

Single Malt Whisky Clearach

Burgundy, France
Liquid gold! Michel Couvreur made whisky in Burgundy from 1978 until his passing in 2013. His vision was that whisky is more than terroir or the distiller’s touch; its essence forms from maturation in oak casks. Today, Michel’s family and cellar master Jean-Arnaud continue his legacy, working with different casks (including Jura Vin Jaune casks) as well as unusual materials like amphora and wine lees. There is no 'finish' at Couvreur – the whole maturation is done in beautiful casks.
‘Couvreur's Clearach’ is a single malt matured for 2-3 years in fresh sherry casks. Using a solera process, which blends matured whiskey with new whisky, each barrel contains up to 25 years of aging. This is a lively, youthful spirit with aromas of almonds and frangipane. Grassy freshness with a hint of honey and the texture of silk pyjamas. Hand-corked, hand-waxed, hand-labelled. Drink as an aperitif; or as anything.