Goodradigbee - Red Ironbark Aged Whiskey

Red Ironbark Aged Whiskey

Scotland / Sydney

Goodradigbee. Hard to say; very easy to drink.

Born of drought, fire, flood and ice over millennia, Australia’s native hardwoods give Goodradigbee Distillers’ single malt spirit its unique taste. Their spirits are distilled in Scotland and aged in various Aussie wood cubes, as opposed to oak barrels. Cubes allow for greater contact, accelerating maturation and imparting character faster. Each malt presents the personalities of the wood used much like a terroir-driven australian honey does. 

Native to Western Australia, the Jarrah tree – the hardest of hardwoods – can live for a thousand years. Complex and strong, this malt spirit is strident at first but softens with time and carries hints of aniseed and cinnamon. Goodradigbee’s Jarrah responds well to aging. This is a serioulsy impressive contemporary whiskey.