Lantana Gin

Lantana Gin

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Redridge, QLD

A very personal project of Melbourne-based Rob Sowter whos family just so happens to own a small biodynamic sugar cane farm in Redridge QLD. This unconventional gin is handcrafted from pot-distilled fresh sugar cane, wild fermented with botanical emphasis on QLD indiginous Lantana (a quintessential Aussie weed / amazing smelling Verbena), plus other local botanicals like finger lime.

This potion raises the question: is it actually gin? Or is it botanical-charged Rhum Agricole? Who cares either way, it's delectable. Serve as a sipper on ice, or with soda. Or with half soda half tonic in a Gin + SONIC.

PS The hand-screenprinted bottle makes for a sweet vase when you've finished :)


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