Chikusen - Junmai Junkara Sake in Bamboo Cup

Junmai Junkara Sake in Bamboo Cup

Hyogo, Japan

Tajime Brewery was established in 1702 in Hyogo Prefecture. Preserving traditions that have continued over 19 generations (since the Genroku era), they make small-batch sakes driven by a 'less is more' mantra – opting for traditional, manual methods of sake-making instead of machinery. Using pristine water from the Tajima mountains and exclusively locally-grown rice, their beautiful sakes are crafted with respoct to the local land and people. The brewery specialises in namazake (unpasteurized sake) and aged sake, and their sakes are non-charcoal filtered, so as not to spoil the umami and delicious acidity.

This little Chikusen Junmai sake is crafted from yamadanishiki and gohyakumangoku rice polished to 60%. It's quite a spicy, zesty junmai with clean, dry malt flavours. Heat it up to 50˚C and it becomes more smooth and creamy.