Monday Distillery - Classic G&T
Classic G&T
Monday Distillery - Classic G&T 4PACK
Classic G&T 4PACK
Monday Distillery - Mezcalita
Monday Distillery - Mezcalita 4PACK
Mezcalita 4PACK
Monday Distillery - Paloma
Monday Distillery - Paloma 4PACK
Paloma 4PACK
Monday Distillery - Dark & Stormy
Dark & Stormy
Monday Blues [Non-Alc]
Monday Blues [Non-Alc]
Easy Tea - Easy Tea Tonic
Easy Tea Tonic
Easy Tea - Chamomile, Lime and Lychee
Chamomile, Lime and Lychee
Easy Tea - Strawberry and Basil
Strawberry and Basil
SIN-KO-NAH - Tonic Syrup 200ml
Tonic Syrup 200ml
SIN-KO-NAH - Ko-Fe Tonic Syrup 200ml
Ko-Fe Tonic Syrup 200ml
LONG RAYS - Australian Soda Water 4PACK
Australian Soda Water 4PACK
Strangelove - Light Tonic 4PACK
Light Tonic 4PACK
Strangelove - Hot Ginger Beer 180ml 4PACK
Hot Ginger Beer 180ml 4PACK
StrangeLove - Holy Grapefruit 300ml 4PACK
Holy Grapefruit 300ml 4PACK
Strangelove - Salted Grapefruit 180ml 4PACK
Salted Grapefruit 180ml 4PACK
Strangelove - Bitter Lemon 4PACK
Bitter Lemon 4PACK
Antipodes - Sparkling Water 500ml
Sparkling Water 500ml
Fever Tree - Indian Tonic
Indian Tonic
Azteca - Classic Lime Margarita Mix
Classic Lime Margarita Mix
LISTO - Tommy Margarita Mix
Tommy Margarita Mix
Monceau - Monte Stella Non Alcoholic Sparkling Vermentino
Monte Stella Non Alcoholic Sparkling Vermentino

Sometimes, you don’t feel like drinking. Or, you need something to break up the beers. And hey, t...Read More...

Sometimes, you don’t feel like drinking. Or, you need something to break up the beers. And hey, there’s no problem with that! Well, it used to be more of a problem because the only drinks you could get were loaded with sugar and artificial flavouring, but now, as younger generations are more thoughtful with their consumption and the demand for non-alcoholic alternatives grows, there is an onslaught of options to choose from. This has also pushed many makers to create options for restaurants, pushing their creative boundaries. We see all sorts of different flavour combinations and experimental processes when you don’t have booze to rely on.


Alongside the iconic Heaps Normal XPA, most craft breweries are releasing their non-alcoholic option(s). Beers for all! No beer? Try the NON collection of drinks, Monceau’s vibrant kombuchas, Vera’s organic non-alcoholic gin, shrubs shrubs shrubs, tonic syrups, Wilfred’s aperitif, Monday distillery pre-mixed cocktails...taste buds rejoice! Feel like something a little more stiff? The Lyre’s alcohol free spirits range is extensive, they’ve got all bases covered. Native ingredients? ALTD spirits or Tasmanian Tonic Co use  local botanicals like pepperberry that are wildly palate tingling. Back to beer, the Sobah range’s use of native ingredients like lemon aspen and Davidson plum make for a stunning take on a thirst-crushing beer. The list of non-alcoholic options grows for us daily, so we guarantee each time you shop with us, there’ll be something new and interesting to sip on.

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