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Dry Gin
Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin
Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin
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Rare Dry Gin
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Spiced Negroni Gin
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Whisky Barrel Gin

Though we tend to wax lyrical about wine, wine, wine, at WINONA we stock a huge range of spirits,...Read More...

Though we tend to wax lyrical about wine, wine, wine, at WINONA we stock a huge range of spirits, too. One of which being GIN. There is so much to explore in the world of gin – one of the fastest growing sectors of artisanal spirit production worldwide. However, gin didn’t always have such a positive reception in the public sphere. In fact, gin’s revival is nothing short of miraculous. Once considered to be solely responsible for the devolvement of the English population in the 18th century – nicknamed “mother’s ruin”–  it has been the rise of artisanal makers determined to bring back the craftsmanship and respect around what it means to distill, that we have fortuitously had it splashed back into our glasses. Consequently, we can draw parallels to the natural wine movement within craft spirits. As we become more considerate of the things we put in our bodies, more interested in the plants and produce around us, we start asking for more from makers; and they too ask more from themselves. And aren’t we bloody lucky for it! 

Where does gin come from? Holland is the true home of juniper-based spirits and drinks, the word ‘gin’ actually coming from the Dutch word for juniper: Genever. As most tinctures, potions and spirits were made back in ye old days, it was meant as a tonic for slight ailments, distilled by monks. With the frequency of war, bringing soldiers across Europe, the English soon became introduced to “Dutch Courage” – a shot of Genever before heading onto the battlefield. It wasn’t too long before gin joints started popping up in the UK, where we tend to more closely associate it with, and more specifically, London. Old Tom gin, London Dry, these styles have inspired drinkers and makers around the world to keep at least one dusty bottle somewhere in their home. But it’s not all Tanqueray and Hendrick’s. Amidst the sea of craft gins made in Australia, utilising our exceptional, esoteric and vibrant array of botanicals, we now see gins from Japan, Lebanon, Russia, Brazil! Despite them all containing one key ingredient; juniper, by no means does this render them similar. In fact, it’s a fascinating way to explore a region’s botanical diversity and proclivities towards drinking. Love the smell of fresh pine, forest floor, umami? Look for gins from alpine regions, high altitude, mountain water, strong herbs. Prefer salty seaweed, fresh lemon, sea shell? Go for gins that forage from coastlines, picking up treasures in the palate that the sea encourages. Or perhaps you like hibiscus, cherry, violets, magnolia, roses, snowpea, thyme, celery, coriander? Plenty of love to be found within the garden for city-based distillers – nearby gardens offer more sensory delight than you might have thought possible. Roll around in the meadow of your dreams. 

But how do you take it? Gin for your martini, gin for your tonic, gin for your negroni, it is the ultimate friend when it comes to stripping down or dressing up, a gin for every occasion. Our range of craft gins at WINONA is extensive and ever-changing, and regardless of how you like it – olive, onion, lemon twist, cucumber, or a slice of strawberry – you’re bound to find your new gin friend right here.

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