Chaya - Organic Green Tea Powder

Organic Green Tea Powder

Chaya is a family-run, Australian certified organic green tea maker set up by two Japan-born, Aussie tea drinkers who believe in sustainable production from soil to sip. They specialise in-organic, small batch, single origin teas coming from a 7th generation single tea farm from Kyoto Japan. 

This organic, farm-direct green tea powder is Harima-san’s unique blend of selective harvest from Uji and Kyushu. Inspired by Japanese sushi joints that serve green tea to customers all day, Chaya's organic Green Tea Extract Powder is perfect for busy mornings. Simply dissolve 1/4 or 1/2 tsp tea in hot water, and you’re good to go (note: it won't dissolve fully because it's 100% pure). It boasts clean, refreshing and vibrant flavours......mmmmm. Net 50g