Garage Project - Arvo XPA
Arvo XPA
Bracket Brewing - Russian Imperial Stout
Russian Imperial Stout
One Drop - Innercity Blues Imperial Smoothie Sour
Innercity Blues Imperial Smoothie Sour
Balter - Eazy Hazy 4PACK
Eazy Hazy 4PACK
Akasha - Mutiny On The Bounty Milk Stout
Mutiny On The Bounty Milk Stout
Wildflower Brewing - Gold #33
Gold #33
Two Metre Tall - Cleansing Ale 375ml
Cleansing Ale 375ml
Two Metre Tall - Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale
Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale
Future Mountain - Pirouette Amber Sour
Pirouette Amber Sour
Mountains Walking - Tin Sky DDH NEIIPA
Amager Bryghus - Modern Times Black Nordic Skies Imperial Stout
Modern Times Black Nordic Skies Imperial Stout
Couch Kit
Couch Kit
Yulli's Brews - Amanda Mandarin IPA 4PACK
Amanda Mandarin IPA 4PACK
Range Brewing - CRISP Lager 4PACK

The world of beer is, to summate, ginormous. Whether you’re smashing a Resch’s in the summertime ...Read More...

The world of beer is, to summate, ginormous. Whether you’re smashing a Resch’s in the summertime glow, or sipping a dense, smoked oyster stout, a little red ale to get you through that last bit of work on a friday arvo, a watermelon kissed sour pop lolly ale that is equal parts giggles and nonsense, there is literally a type of drink within the beer realm to satiate almost anyone. At WINONA we’ve put so much effort into sourcing beers from some of the most interesting breweries around. From the places that are held in the highest regard, old and stoic, made by sticklers for tradition, stalwarts in the world of brewing, to the new and fun upstarts that are exploring the ethics of making, using local produce, or happy making smashy lagers built for our porches. We love exploring this genuinely never endingly exciting part of the booze world. But what is craft beer? Similarly to the products we stock outside of this, they are drinks made with integrity, experimentation, life and vigour at the forefront. Craft beer is also a category that ensures that the producer is small, making only small batches at any one time. They are seasonal beverages as well as having a few staples, so you can get to know and love your friends, whilst being accommodated for the changing patterns in the weather. It also means sometimes using wild yeasts, native grains, wild rices, home grown hops, interesting techniques with barrel ageing, the list goes on. Some of our favourite makers include Wildflower, Two Metre Tall, One Drop, Garage Project, Yulli’s, Mountain Culture, Grifter, Philter, Mr. Banks, Future Mountain, Dainton, White Bay, Bracket, La Sirene, DEEDS, Ballistic, Slipstream, Molly Rose, Sauce, Edge, Hawkers, Mikkeller, Slow Lane, Coconspirators, Liberty, Akasha, Wayward, Gweilo, Anderson Valley, Tallboy & Moose, Modus Operandi, Bright, Badlands, Omnipollo...just to name a few. But there’s more and more popping up each week as this category grows. Sours, berliner weisses, rice beers, spelt ales, stouts, lagers, pilseners, blondes, kolsches, wattle infused wild ales, XPA, IPA, IIPA, XIIPA, what will they think of next! Happy browsing :)

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