Ziggy's Wildfoods - Native Djarduk Apple, Lilly Pilly + Pink Fingerlime Hot Sauce

Native Djarduk Apple, Lilly Pilly + Pink Fingerlime Hot Sauce

This very special sauce combines pinks and reds, sour and sweet, to create a unique flavour that goes with everything! It uses Djarduk Apples as a base, also known as Bush Apples, which are a member of the Lilly Pilly family growing in the understory of open forests and woodlands in the Northern Territory. When they are ripe, the large bright red apples fall to the ground and are collected shortly after by the the Maningrida Collective, in a town some 500 kilometres east of Darwin in the heart of Arnhem Land. These apples have been paired with locally foraged Fingerlimes and Cascade Lilly Pilly – highly nutritious Native fruits that are both astringent and sweet – finally combined with organic fermented Red Habanero chillies. All natural, with no thickeners or binders added – simply shake before use. 200ml.

All of Ziggy's products are proudly created using wild hand-foraged Australian Native ingredients, combined with produce grown and sold by Indigenous Communities, Organisations and Wild Harvesters. A portion of every item sold is also donated directly to supporting upcoming generations through a variety of Indigenous Organisations. Ziggy’s Wildfoods aims to inspire you to rethink your connection with the land of the First Nation Peoples upon which you stand.