Ziggy's Wildfoods - Native Green Ant, Green Apple & Native Thyme Hot Sauce

Native Green Ant, Green Apple & Native Thyme Hot Sauce

First and foremost: Native Green Ants, sustainably harvested by Something Wild. One of the most flavour-packed and fascinating ingredients you'll ever come across. Imagine overwhelming scents of coriander, lime and lemongrass, complete with a tangy satisfying finish. Tiny yet truly mighty. In this beautiful sauce they are paired with locally picked Native Thyme – one of the most aromatic Native spices – and fermented with green apples for that juicy, tart & citric kick. Ignited with some long fermented jalapeno chillies, this is the definition of tasty. This is the definition of earthy – use as you would with anything that needs a boost. Perfect on roasted meats and veg,  tacos and in cocktails. All natural, with no thickeners or binders added – simply shake before use. 200ml.

All of Ziggy's products are proudly created using wild hand-foraged Australian Native ingredients, combined with produce grown and sold by Indigenous Communities, Organisations and Wild Harvesters. A portion of every item sold is also donated directly to supporting upcoming generations through a variety of Indigenous Organisations. Ziggy’s Wildfoods aims to inspire you to rethink your connection with the land of the First Nation Peoples upon which you stand.