Yumma Yumma Jauma Pack

The title of this pack may be an obscure reference to 'Extras', but that doesn’t make it any less true. Jauma’s wines are like elixirs of life that revitalise and reinvigorate. They're pure, nourishing, but most of all, they're YUMMA. The journey:

~ 2019 Blewitt Springs Chenin
~ 2019 Audrey’s Fairygarten
~ 2018 Archies Shiraz
~ 2019 Ralph’s Shiraz

The fruit for all Jauma wines is farmed organically by Fiona Wood and Dave Gartelman. Grapes are hand-picked, vinified naturally and bottled without any additions. These are living wines – home to healthy bacteria and yeast, so expect a tickle of effervescence (which dissipates with air).