Yetti & the Kokonut - 2020 WINONA Pinot Blanc

2020 WINONA Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc
Barossa Valley, SA

Well this is exciting. YETTI & THE KOKONUT X WINONA! We’ve been waiting alllll year for this juice – and juice it is. At just 8.5% alcohol, this is the kind of wine you could swim in (if you had a pewl full of wine, that is). It’s a bottle of splishy, splashy sunshine. Dive in, open your mouth and let the tangerine tide carry you away into the eternal horizon. Impossibly refreshing, this is proper adult juice, best enjoyed through a straw (not plastic) from a kokonut beside a body of water.   

100% Pinot Blanc from southern Barossa Valley, picked at the end of Jan. Fruit was de-stemmend and fermented for 10 days on skins before being aged in barrel for a year. A smidgen of SO2 at crushing; none at any other stage. Unfined, unfiltered. Crafted specially for yours truly by certified legends Dave and Koko. Only one barrel made! Slip on your Speedos and get splashing.