Artomana Txakolina - 2019 Xarmant Txakoli

"This estate wine is a blend of varieties dominated by Hondarrabi Zuri (70%) with equal parts of Izkiriota, Izkiriota Ttippia and Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratia. The parcels are hand-picked separately and left to cold soak for 24 hours at 10 C°. This increases both volume and aromatic complexity in the final wine. The wines ferment spontaneously with vineyard yeasts and spend four months on lees in stainless steel before bottling. Instant Txacoli on the nose! Grapefruit, green apple, lovage, celery leaf, a waft of hay, white petals and chalk. The palate is fresh with pear, golden delicious, and herb fleck. Starting soft, with good depth thanks to excellent, controlled phenolic development, the palate freshens on a petillant tickle and a grassy tweak. The twinning of natural acidity and the chalky-limestone soils give the wine a moreish crisp saline-sourness. 

In the quaint Basque herrixka (village) of Artomaña on the banks of its eponymous river are the family vineyards and winery of Artomaña Txakolina. The Alava brothers focus on making wines that respect the traditions of the region while reflecting the unique terroir that surrounds them. Capping yields, natural yeasts, native varietal blends, and stainless steel vinification are some of the practices they follow to make sure it is the soil and the fruit that do the talking. They are not interested in clouding their wines with oak or muddying their identity with the addition of non-Basque varieties." – Importer notes

Variety Hondarrabi Zuri, Izkiriota (Gros Manseng), Izkiriota Ttippia (Petit Manseng), Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratia (Petit Courbu) || Region Basque Country, Spain || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml