Musee Du Oil - Woody Oil by Lauren Ross

Woody Oil by Lauren Ross

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A strong and peppery clear green oil made to be a sacred kitchen workhorse. Handmade using Mount Zero Arbequina Extra Virgin olive oil cold pressed from Frantoio olives, with the Holy Trinity of woody herbs: rosemary, thyme and bay leaf. With notes of bitter almond, fresh herbs and a peppery finish, this is a versatile, medium/strong tasting oil. Hand made, hand bottled and hand sealed by Lauren Ross in Sydney. This oil will make your homemade chips sing like a Church Choir. Other uses include: dipping your sourdough in it, marinating olives, roasting lamb or chicken, sauteing mushrooms, puy lentils, garlic and herb bread, frying chicken schnitzel, drizzled over roast onions, salad dressings, drizzled over boiled baby peas and butter, as a base for mayonnaise and aioli.

PSST > To open, gently warm the wax by running it under hot water, then crack into the wax with a knife. Carefully! It is not a wine cork; it's a cork stopper with black plastic lid.

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