Wondaree - Chocolate Macadamias

Chocolate Macadamias

Wondaree is a magical farm on the Atherton Tablelands, QLD, owned and run by Greg and Wendy O’Neill since 1983. Here, the right amount of rain and sunshine spwans a carpet of green that blankets the encircling mountains. Wondaree macadamia nuts are farmed by Greg on this beautiful spot, under the watchful eye of Roy the kelpie. Every nut in a Wondaree pack comes from a tree in the orchard of their family home.

This special little pegged packet brings together a sacred duo: nuts and chocolate. No-one needs convincing. The macadamias are initially roasted to accentuate the nuttiness then coated in delicious, rich chocolate. Do we need to twist your arm? The packaging thoughtfully features braille; designed to be accessible for the visually impaired.