Winona x Dirty Black Denim - Low Ryder

Low Ryder

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What do you get when you cross Winona with Dirty Black Denim? An orange wine with very strong genes.

Exclusively for yours truly, Lawrence and Tim Scanlon have crafted this dangerously juicy amber wine. It’s a blend of Heathcote Marsanne (2020) with Pinot Grigio (2020) and Sauvignon Blanc (2019) from Sunbury. The Marsanne macerated for 3 weeks on skins, the Sauv saw a few days of skin contact and the Grigio was direct pressed. Wild fermentation, unfined and unfiltered with zero additives (no sulphur). This is a frisky fresh-fest ideal for every season and every occasion. Pairs well with drinking. And yes, that’s a denim label. Only 10 doz made!!

Slide into your Canadian Tuxedo, sit back and enjoy the ryde.

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