Wildflower Brewing - St Thomas 2020

I have a lot to say about this beer, but I'll spare you... This year's edition of our annual cherry beer sees a synthesis of processes from 2018 and 2019 whereby the fruit was partially destemmed as well as allowed to carbonic macerate before being blended with beer. The result is clear in how it drinks. It opens with aromas of rich cherry liqueur, bright after dinner mint (from the partial stems) and soft chocolate notes. Palate is on point. Loaded with bright sweet cherry fruit flavours across it, the Amber base beer gives profound complexity with dark chocolate, sweet spice, more red (currant) fruits and nuttiness. The harmony is wonderful, creating a simultaneously clean cherry forward beer while also being a deeply complex and evolving drink. Thomas is one of our most popular beers to release each year. - Topher Boehm

Origin Marrickville, NSW || ABV 6.5% || Vol 375ml